Knet picked out female idols’ hits of 2021: controversies over the appearance of TWICE song but Oh My Girl’s song was absent

Not only the song of TWICE but Taeyeon’s song also received mixed reactions from Korean netizens.

Until now, K-POP female artists have brought many great songs to the listeners so far and many of them have also achieved high rankings on digital song charts. However, not all the songs that entered the famous Melon chart were considered hits. The fact that a song is popular among the public also depends on other factors.

Recently, a post uploaded on Thequoo made a list of female artists’ 2021-released songs that netizens could felt they were truly popular. A total of 6 songs were mentioned, including:

aespa – “Next Level”


Taeyeon – “Weekend”

TWICE – “Alcohol-Free”

Brave Girls – “Rollin'”

IU – “Celebrity”

Out of the six songs mentioned above, Taeyeon’sWeekend” and TWICE’sAlcohol-Free” are the two names that make Korean netizens argue about their presence in this list. Many people think that compared to the reputation of TWICE and Taeyeon, the achievements and virality of “Alcohol-Free” and “Weekend” are not as expected, although both are definitely not “flops”.


In stark contrast to “Weekend” and “Alcohol-Free,Oh My Girl‘s “Dun Dun Dance” is the instance that has many netizens wondering why it isn’t on the list. “Dun Dun Dance” not only did well on the charts, but it also received a lot of attention from the general Korean audience, since it was frequently played in crowded places.

  • “I would agree to this list if it didn’t have Taeyeon’s song.”
  • “Replacing “Alcohol-Free” with “Dun Dun Dance” will make the list more reasonable”
  • “Huh… Isn’t TWICE’s song a disappointment…”
  • “Where’s ‘Dun Dun Dance’? Around me, people listen to ‘Dun Dun Dance’ a lot”
  • “”Next Level”, “ASAP” and “Rollin'” are really hot. Literally, you can hear these songs played everywhere.”
  • “”Dun Dun Dance”, “Next Level” and “Rollin'” are 3 songs that I often listen to even while walking on the street.
  • “Dun Dun Dance” isn’t mentioned, but “Alcohol-Free” is. I always hear people listening to Oh My Girl’s song.”
  • “Taeyeon….? I like Taeyeon but when I’m out I’ve never heard people play ‘Weekend’ anywhere. It makes more sense to replace it with Oh My Girl’s”

Source: tinnhac

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