Knet argued because ARMY used a truck to oppose Big Hit’s joint concert: ‘BTS fans are acting like they are BTS!’

While many people completely agreed with this action, others thought that opposing the concert was a rude attitude towards other artists.

Since Big Hit Entertainment publicly pursued profits to please investors after being officially listed on the stock exchange, more and more fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the company.  Recently, the image of the protesting truck parked in front of the Big Hit building being spread on the Internet once again showed the angry attitude of the ARMYs at what the agency did to BTS.

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS
'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

The messages posted on this truck indicated that Big Hit Entertainment was only concerned with profits and made every effort to follow stock prices.  There are 2 main reasons why the Korean ARMY community decided to send the protest trucks to the Big Hit building this time.  First, fans firmly opposed the plan to make the drama “Youth”, which is a drama based on the BTS universe. Fans also requested to permanently stop the production of this project.

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS
'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

Second, BTS fans also disagree with the plan to do a concert for artists under Big Hit Labels.  Together with many other artists such as NU’EST, G-Friend, TXT, …, BTS has confirmed to perform at the event “2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE presented by Weverse” which will be held on December 31.  However, BTS fans claim that Big Hit Entertainment is just taking advantage of the group’s reputation to achieve their goals.

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS
'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

ARMY stated that holding a joint concert was a selfish act of the company: “Big Hit Entertainment is trying to use BTS to gain recognition. Big Hit Entertainment stated they would decrease their dependency on BTS and planned the joint concert, but this concert is only using BTS and ARMY to gain success with the joint label concert.”

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

The words displayed on the ARMY protest truck: “BigHit who lost their roots as they go crazy overstocks”

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

As soon as the plan to hold “2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE presented by Weverse” was announced and BTS was confirmed as part of this concert, their fans quickly boycott this concert because of many different reasons.  Big Hit said they will hold a family concert every year with different themes, but for BTS fans, this event seems to be taking away their chance to meet their idols. In addition, the company also offered a too high price even though it is a concert with the participation of many artists, not BTS’s solo concert, causing many people to exclaim, “This ticket price is too much expensive for all fans, not just BTS fans “.

'BTS fans are acting like they are BTS

Sending a protest truck to the Big Hit building can be considered an act of expressing the anger of BTS fans after many times of being ignored by the company. This protest now receives a lot of support from Korean netizens as they expressed their disappointment with Big Hit’s way of working in the past.

– “Big Hit, wake up !!!!”

 – “Fighting, fighting !!!!! Big Hit should respond by canceling the concert and stop producing the BTS movie”

 – “Fighting! Please cancel the movie! And cancel the concert too!”

– “Holding a Big Hit concert at this time is really an unusual plan ㅋㅋㅋ”

 – “Please stop it, I can see Big Hit is starting to lose their mind because of money.”

 – “Looking at what Big Hit is doing lately, I feel like I’m seeing what YG did to Big Bang ㅋㅋ”

However, in contrast, there is also a part of Korean netizens who do not really agree with this action by the ARMY.  They argued that publicly opposing the joint concert was an act of rude to fans of other artists.

– “I understand why fans are angry with dramas about BTS, but I really don’t understand why they are angry about the concert anymore”

 – “I am very supportive of them opposing the plan to produce a movie about BTS, but I feel like BTS fans are sometimes thinking and acting like they are BTS.”

– “I don’t know why these fans are against the concert. I feel they are rude.”

Up to now, Big Hit Entertainment has not had any response regarding this incident.


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