Kingdom: The legendary war – ROUND 1: SF9 was shocked by not receiving any votes from the other 5 teams

The audience felt sorry when they saw the boys’ disappointed expressions.

The last performances for Round 1 of “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” were released on April 15 along with the first half of the results.

The ranking from the experts’ votes was released first followed by the votes from the self-evaluation. The two results make 50% of the score for Round 1. For the full explanation of the vote and rankings, check our previous article here.

SF9 had majestically performed to their song ‘Now or Never’ rearranged into ‘Jealous’ for the show.

SF9 was ranked 4th (out of 6) by the experts. But the results of the self-evaluation vote had surprised members and the viewers. Everyone was shocked when SF9 is the only group that did not receive any votes from BTOB, iKON, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ.

The chart with 0,000 point bar shocked SF9 members
Inseong couldn’t hide his sad and disappointed expression on his face when he saw the results

The reaction to the results of the members and the speech of InSeong made viewers’ hearts ache.Inseong shared: “Really, when I see the rankings, I feel very sad. Sadly, in the self-evaluation, we got 0 votes. Looking at the other group’s results, I feel embarrassed. I don’t know how they feel on our stage. “Isn’t it a bit impressive or do they really think we’re not good enough?”. In my mind, I was confused by such thoughts, I tried not to show my expression but I guess I couldn’t.”

Netizens commented: “So sad”, “I am not a fan but this is so heartbreaking”, “I am from another fandom, SF9 did a really good job”, “The stage was very good, fighting”, “Don’t get discouraged, you did well”, “I feel like I’m going to cry even if I’m not my favorite idol”, “I feel even more upset”, “My heart hurts”, etc.

Source: Mnet

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