King of million-selling EXO come back with the extremely fascinating and majestic MV ‘Love Shot’!

As expected by K-POP fans, ‘Love Shot’ continues to be a high-end music product from EXO.

As announced, today (December 13th), EXO officially came back with the repackage album “Love Shot”. This is the second album of SM’s boy group in 2018 and also the 5th album repackages in the group’s career. EXO has worked hard to bring 2 albums to the fans in such a rush. The group’s teaser also made K-POP fans shudder because it was so beautiful.

On the “Love Shot” MV, the entire MV was filmed in the traditional SM Entertainment style, which is dark shadows in limited space. However, “Love Shot” is impressive with the concept of gun and alcohol, feeling overwhelmed from the first time for viewers. The choreography of EXO members is extremely powerful and sexy.

The highlight of “Love Shot” is in the rhythm, especially the addictive drop which brings excitement to the listeners. This repackage includes 11 songs released in “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” and 3 new songs are “Love Shot” (Korean and Chinese version), “Wait” and “Trauma”. The group’s fandom is working hard to create another record million for EXO, extending the group’s unbeaten run.

Let’s wish EXO to have a successful comeback!

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