Kim Yoo Jung’s historical blockbuster “Hong Chun Gi” is rumored to have the season 2 just because of a reason

Many viewers think that Kim Yoo Jung’s Hong Chun Gi will have a season 2?

The historical drama Hong Chun Gi, starring Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seop, recently concluded with a happy end that exceeded the audience’s expectations. The drama ended with a final-episode rating of 10.4 percent, which is not particularly high but commendable for a miniseries that aired at the beginning of the week and was not heavily promoted by the station.

Immediately after the last episode aired, netizens immediately thought that Hong Chun Gi will have a season 2. The reason is because the novel The Secret Of Red Sky – the original script of the drama also has two parts.

In fact, Hong Chun Gi had a happy ending, with Chun Gi and Haram getting married and having a son. Their most dangerous foe, the demon lord, had also gone. The drama ended so well that the audience had no unanswered questions or problems, so many people thought season 2 was unnecessary. Others have suggested that if there is a season 2 story, the actors should be changed to fit the timeline as Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seop look too young for the story set 5 years later.

Audience comments:

  • The drama ended so satisfactorily.  If there’s a part 2, it’s just to look at Yoo Jung and Hyo Seop, there’s nothing left to deal with
  • I also have a feeling that the drama has a season 2. But its context will change, the cast will also be replaced with older actors to fit the timeline.  But who knows, if we’re lucky, there’ll be a season 2.
  • Anyway, I still think part 2 is unnecessary.
  • What I want in part 2 is Yoo Jung and Hyo Seop’s visuals.  As for the storyline, I don’t really care.
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