Kim Yong-ho: Ryu Seong-jae, Hwang Hana → hanging around with Han Ye-seul; ‘Burning Sun’ Lee Moon-ho’s activities under another name

YouTuber Kim Yong-ho raised suspicions of abusing drugs against actress Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend, Ryu Seong-jae. Han Ye-seul was also pointed out as a “Burning Sun actress.”.

On the 20th, Kim Yong-ho conducted a live broadcast on his YouTube channel with the title, ‘The identity of the jaebi raised by Han Ye-seul!’ Han Ye-seul recently publicly announced her love affair with her non-celebrity boyfriend, Ryu Seong-jae, who is 10 years younger than her.

Kim Yong-ho said, “Han Ye-seul used to work at a room salon named ILGAA when she was in LA, but many people reported that she worked at a room salon called Garam in LA.” According to the information he disclosed, the actres worked in a room salon while going to a nightclub since high school. He also thinks that Ye-seul was trying to make her boyfriend debut in the entertainment industry.

He released the transcript, saying that he had some interviews with people that knew about Sung Jae’s past. The informant said, “Ryu Seong-jae was close with the madam in our store. Karaoke was a better place compared to Hoppa. Karaoke with jaebi is not available to ordinary people. Only those who know or have been introduced to ‘header’ go to karaoke. The place Han Ye-seul went to is the place where the jaebi resides.” Yong Ho also revealed that Sung Jae has a drug problem.

Along with this, he said, “There was a report saying that Ryu Seong-jae’s ex before Han Ye-seul was Hwang Hana. This leads to a connection. Hwang Hana, Ryu Seong-jae, and Burning Sun”, adding, “Ryu Sung-jae dated Han Ye-seul after Hwang Hana went to jail.”

Kim Yong-ho urged the Gangnam Police Station to investigate the cases, saying, “There are reports that ‘Burning Sun’ CEO Lee Moon-ho is running ‘Plus 82’ under a borrowed name.”

Previously, Kim Yong-ho claimed that Han Ye-seul was the main actress of the Club Burning Sun and his boyfriend Ryu Seong-jae from the male hospitality department. In response, revealed that she was not a so-called ‘Burning Sun actress’ and that she met her boyfriend at a karaoke.

Han Ye-seul’s agency, High Entertainment, said, “We intend to strongly respond to the spread of false information, and to indiscriminate malicious posts and comments that are not true about Han Ye-seul”

Hwang Hana was being in custody for violating the Narcotics Control Act. On August 18, August 22, August 30, and August 31 of the year 2020, Hwang Hana met her husband Oh and her acquaintances with methamphetamine at the residences and motels of her acquaintances in Seoul and Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, on a total of five times. On November 29, 2020, she was also accused of stealing an acquaintance’s house worth 5 million won.

Source: Nate

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