Kim Tae-ri’s shocking visual when waking up in the morning… What happened with her hair?

Actress Kim Tae-ri caught the eyes of netizens which her shocking but cute appearance.

On May 6th, Kim Tae-ri made a post on her official Instagram account announcing the release of her Youtube Vlog. She uploaded a teaser video along with the caption, “The opening title video will be uploaded in high definition on May 7th at noon through the Youtube channel of mmm. That’s the beginning. Coming soon”.

The released video, which was planned, filmed and produced by Kim Tae-ri, contains several moments of herself. Kim Tae-ri, who seems to have gone on a trip on her own, draws attention with her appearance when driving, doing ducks and drakes, and playing alone.

In particular, Kim Tae-ri also reveals her bare face with frizzy hair when waking up in the morning. Her small face covered with lots of hair impress everyone. This natural image makes Kim Tae-ri look even cuter and more lovely.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri gained huge love after playing the role of Na Hee-do in the recently ended drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”. She will meet the audience in the second half of this year in Choi Dong-hoon’s movie “Alien”.


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