Kim Tae Hee wore 10 billion won worth of jewelry on her wedding day with Rain 

A surprising TMI about Kim Tae Hee on her wedding day was revealed. 

In the June 22 episode of Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW”, under the theme of “Next level items worn by stars”, celebrities’ luxury fashion was introduced and ranked. 

Actress Kim Tae Hee, the wife of singer and actor Rain, took the first place in the ranking. Kim Tae Hee and Rain had a simple wedding at a church with a modest cost of 1.3 million won. However, the cost of Kim Tae Hee’s jewelry was not frugal. The amount was a whopping 10 billion won.

Kim Tae hee

At the invitation of the world-famous jewelry brand Cartier, Kim Tae Hee visited France. The brand prepared one-of-a-kind, high-quality jewelry for Kim Tae Hee to wear on her big day.

Among them, the most expensive item she wore was the ring. The 13.4-carat diamond ring cost 6.3 billion won. Kim Tae Hee also wore the leopard collection of Cartier. The total price of the leopard collection line, including all her earrings and necklaces, was 200 million won.

Kim Tae hee

In addition, Kim Tae Hee also wore jewelry pieces that emphasized love, friendship, and faith. The price is 66.35 million won. Kim Tae Hee wore a total of 10 billion won worth of jewelry in various concepts.


Meanwhile, on this day’s broadcast of “TMI NEWS SHOW”, Kim Tae Hee drew keen attention for her good influence, such as donating 200 million won to aid in the recovery from wildfire damage.

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