Kim Tae Hee gets street-casted whenever she goes out? Not exaggerated

Famous actress Kim Tae Hee shows great confidence as a top-tier visual in a video preview on “MMTG”. 

On the June 1st video of the YouTube channel “MMTG”, a preview of the next video, which features “Lies Hidden in My Garden” cast members Kim Tae Hee, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Rim, was shown.

With “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, Kim Tae Hee is finally making her small screen comeback, 3 years after the tvN drama “Hi Bye, Mama!”. As a result, the actress’ appearance of “MMTG” has also become a hot topic. 


In the preview video, MC JaeJae mentioned Kim Tae Hee’s remark in a past interview. In particular, when asked if she ever received street-casting offers, the actress confidently answered, “I get street-casted every time I go out”. 

Regarding this, Kim Tae Hee surprised JaeJae by honestly stating, “(The remark) is not exaggerated.”

On another note, Kim Tae Hee told Kim Sung Oh, “You seem to be good at playing hard to get,” to which Kim Sung Oh evoked laughter by waving his hand and saying, “Don’t show interest in me.”


Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee’s comeback work, ENA’s “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, is a suspense thriller about two women who meet and experience completely different lives due to a mysterious smell coming from the backyard.

Source: Nate 

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