Kim Soo-hyun’s breathtaking and passionate acting in “One Ordinary Day”

Actor Kim Soo-hyun proves his true worth with his unbelievable acting skills in “One Ordinary Day”. 

In the Coupang play series “One Ordinary Day” of Director Lee Myung-woo, which is bulding up tension upon tension over each new episodes, Kim Soo-hyun plays Kim Hyun-soo, a student who was caught up in a murder case but insisted his innocence. The actor is performing enthusiastically, integrating himself into his character. 

Kim Soo-hyun One Ordinary Day

In the fifth and sixth episodes of “One Ordinary Day”, Kim Hyun-soo was depicted struggling to survive in prison and court. In prison, the harassment of Park Doo-sik (Yang Kyung-won) became rougher. Kim Hyun-soo brought Park Doo-sik what he wanted, but he was still beaten and the intensity of the murder threat became stronger. As a result, Do Ji-tae (Kim Sung-kyu) took care of Park Doo-sik, and in return, Kim Hyun-soo ran an illegal errand for Do Ji-tae.

Kim Soo-hyun One Ordinary Day

After reversing the confession, Kim Hyun-soo’s trial was conducted as a public participation trial. Prosecutor Ahn Tae-hee (Kim Shin-rok) pushed hard, but Shin Jung-han (Cha Seung-won) and Seo Soo-jin (Lee Seol) confronted fiercely to defend Kim Hyun-soo. However, Kim Hyun-soo was momentarily furious with Ahn Tae-hee and detective Park Sang-beom (Kim Hong-pa), who never listened to what he said, and eventually sat in the witness stand on his own. However, Kim Hyun-soo, who was caught up in Ahn Tae-hee’s skillful offensive, felt guilty when asked if he killed the victim and shocked everyone by answering “I don’t know” for the first time.

Kim Soo-hyun One Ordinary Day

Kim Hyun-soo desperately struggled to survive in prison and at the court. Kim Soo-hyun portrayed this role of an innocent suspect who suffers from unfairness painfully and miserably. The most impressive detail is that Kim Soo-hyun delivered the characters’ emotions through tears, screams, and breathing without lines but were still able to make the viewers immerse themselves in this drama and feel the character’s pain.

Kim Soo-hyun One Ordinary Day

The despair that an adult in his 20s, who was living a normal life but got caught up in a murder case one day, said he was not the killer, but no one believed him, and the sorrow that he felt from the humiliation in prison and court, were expressed by Kim Soo-hyun with his crying and screaming voice, which show a sense of innocence of an ordinary college student.

Kim Soo-hyun One Ordinary Day

Kim Soo-hyun is an actor who has amazing acting skills. Although he was already recognized through various works, his performance in “One Ordinary Day” is more than just good acting. Therefore, this makes the viewers look forward to what kind of acting Kim Soo-hyun will show in the future.

“One Ordinary Day” is an 8-episode series. Episode 7 will be released at 0 P.M on December 18th.


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