Kim Seon-ho’s personality exposing post was fabricated, original article deleted

The disclosure post claiming to be from a college alumni of actor Kim Seon-ho has been deleted after testimonies from other university alumni revealed that it is fake. 

On Oct 23rd, the article “I am an alumni of actor K’s university” written on an online community by a netizen who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho‘s college alumni has been deleted. Currently, only the notice “It’s a deleted or non-existent post” appears.

Regarding the recent controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s private life, this netizen said, “His personality problems seem to have exploded these days. I wonder why it took so long for his personality to be exposed like this. I even feel relieved. The K actor right now with the honest and hard-working image is totally different from the K actor I knew in the past. When he was in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Seoul Institute of Arts, he liked alcohol, liked clubs, and played around with girls a lot like he is still now,” they claimed.

Kim Seon-ho

This netizen presented an additional Seoul Institute of Arts graduation album to support their claim. They added, “There are people who call this a fabrication (manipulation), so I don’t know if it’s right to do this, but I uploaded my graduation album as proof, as you guys wanted.”

However, Kim Seon-ho’s agency Salt Entertainment announced that this was “groundless rumor”. At the same time, testimony from alumni of Kim Seon-ho’s university revealed that the “graduation album” which was revealed as evidence in the post, turned out to be a 2016 Seoul Institute of Arts promotion pamphlet. The revealing article turned out to be ‘fabricated’.

Kim Seon-ho

Meanwhile, actor Kim Seon-ho recently apologized on Oct 20th for the controversy over his private life. A, who posted the first exposing post, said, “I have received the apology from him, and I think there was a misunderstanding between us. I hope that people will stop spreading false facts or exaggerating his or my story any further,” she said.

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