Kim Seon-ho’s fans are protesting against a shopping mall run by the actor’s ex-girlfriend


Are these fans crossing the line? Is this really a good way to show their “true loyalty” to Kim Seon-ho?

Despite Kim Seon-ho‘s silence after his ‘private life’ scandal broke out, the aftermaths continue to be found.

Some fans are posting comments to protest on a webpage of a shopping mall, which is known to be run by Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend – A.

They are continuously sending “Why did you do that to Kim Seon-ho?” and also wrote resentment messages as they think this is the way to protect their favorite actor.

A fan even attacked with informal words, saying, “Even in this situation, you still want to make money?”

Due to A’s disclosure, this shopping mall had been temporarily closed then resumed its operation a few days after the controversy erupted.

Meanwhile, fans recently posted a petition titled “I request for the broadcast about Kim Seon-ho to be stopped” on the KBS Center for Viewers’ Rights website after KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly Live” made an episode to discuss Kim Seon-ho’s scandal.

As of October 30th, about 6503 people have signed the petition.

The petition posted before the broadcast said, “The celebrity officially apologized, and the accuser already accepted it. The celebrity even dropped out of all programs. I don’t understand why a national channel would broadcast about this topic at a time even provocative Youtubers are being criticized. We demand the suspension of broadcasts related to celebrities’ private life.

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