Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend once went to a bar with Lee Jae-hoon of COOL. What is their relationship?

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s ex-lover – A is found out to have gone to a bar with COOL Lee Jae-hoon and didn’t follow the disease prevention measures.

Reporter-turned Youtuber Lee Jin-ho released a video on his live broadcast on October 29th. A appears in this video, and Lee Jae-hoon‘s voice can also be heard. This video was taken at midnight on a day in November last year at an entertainment bar in Jeju Island. Lee Jae-hoon was singing COOL’s song, and A was cheering for him in this video.

Kim Seon-ho's ex

It is known that A has a habit of filming and recording videos of other people, and she also did that in this gathering with Lee Jae-hoon. As a result, A and Lee Jae-hoon faced a new controversy over their ignoring of the disease prevention measures. Lee Jin-ho reported that in addition to Lee Jae-hoon, other celebrities also joined, and they gathered up as a group of 5 to 6 people.

Kim Seon-ho's ex

At that time, Jeju Island was upgraded to a social distancing level 1.5, and places for entertainment could only be opened until 22 P.M only. It has not yet known what the relationship between A and Lee Jae-hoon is. On October 30th, Lee Jae-hoon’s Instagram account was switched to private mode after the singer received lots of criticisms due to this issue.

Kim Seon-ho's ex

The controversy over Kim Seon-ho‘s private life, which began from A’s disclosure, is still continuing. The text messages showing A’s apology to Kim Seon-ho were released, and it is also claimed that A still went to entertainment bars/clubs while dating Kim Seon-ho. A’s real name has already been revealed. Therefore, A’s legal representative – Choi Sun law firm, announced that they would take legal action, “Since A has been receiving threats constantly, she is suffering from mental pain that affects her daily life.”


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