Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance hinted a further disclosure, what new story will there be?

A, who claims to be an acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho, hinted at further revelations on the 29th.   

A, who claims to be an acquaintance of actor Kim Seon-ho, is drawing attention on them once again after they signaled about additional revelations.

On Oct 27th, A shared an article on his Instagram stating that actor Kim Ji-won, who is in the same management agency as Kim Seon-ho, will move to a new agency and changed their profile to “October 29th”. This is presumed to be an indication that he will make additional disclosure on that specific date. A has been pointing out the date and heralding their revelation on that exact day.

Kim Seon-ho acquanitance

After the controversy over Kim Seon-ho broke out, A talked about the actor’s agency on Oct 19th and announced that they would reveal the truth on Oct 25th, but eventually canceled it. They demanded again, Disclose the provisions of the exclusive contract and the provision of the advertising penalty in your temporary contract with Kim Seon-ho to the public.” Entertainment agency Salt Entertainment then refuted by announcing the three years of contract renewal with Kim Seon-ho until March 2023.

Kim Seon-ho acquanitance

A claimed that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend B had a video as evidence that she had not posted on SNS, and wrote, “I feel bad for silly Seon-ho who didn’t know anything.” A also left a message on their Instagram story, saying, “Let’s wait for an official position because it will be out soon.”

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