Kim Seon-ho: “Time will pass and good days will come. Life isn’t just about bad days”

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s interview with Arena Homme+ is a hot topic among fans.

Kim Seon-ho: "Time will pass and good days will come. Life isn't just about bad days"

On Oct 23, men’s magazine Arena Homme+ published Kim Seon-ho‘s pictorial and interview in the November issue on its official website. This is a schedule that took place before the controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s personal life. It is attracting more attention as “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” wrap-up interviews were completely canceled earlier.

In the interview, as a veteran actor with 13 years of experience, Kim Seon-ho was asked, “I started a job because I liked it, but if it doesn’t seem to work out and I feel like I want to quit, how should I endure it?”

Regarding this, Kim Seon-ho replied, “I don’t dare tell anyone to just endure, but I struggled enough. I enjoyed it as much as I endured it.”

Then he shared, “When I had a hard time, I walked for 5 hours while suffering for 3 or 4 hours of those 5 hours. I read the script to find out why I wasn’t doing well. Now that I think about it, it was a passionate period in my life. You have to cherish that moment, feel the pain and endure it wisely. You can’t say ‘I don’t get hurt, I won’t make it’. You can’t hide yourself like that. You have to face your pains and shortcomings cool-headedly. If you have a hard time because you don’t have money, you have to admit that and figure out the best thing you can do. Time will pass and good days will come. Life isn’t just about bad days.”

About receiving a lot of love for his kind-hearted roles such as Han Ji-pyeong in “Start-Up” and Hong Doo-sik in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha“, he said, “There were times when I felt good, but I never felt burdened or arrogant.

The full interview of Kim Seon-ho can be found on Arena Homme+’s official website.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho admitted and apologized for the controversy over his private life with his ex-girlfriend A, “I hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behaviors.”

Sources: daum

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