Dispatch revealed details proving that Kim Seon-ho didn’t change his attitudes towards Choi Young-ah but forgave her lies and took care of her

Attention is focusing on whether negative public opinion Kim Seon-ho will be overturned.

Recently, Dispatch publicly attacked Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend with a revelation of the hidden truth related to her. Therefore, attention is focusing on whether negative public opinion Kim Seon-ho will be overturned.

Earlier on October 26th, Dispatched published an article titled “12 distorted truths” beginning with “We’re going to ask Choi Young-ah something…” and looked back on the timeline of their Kim Seon-ho and his ex’s relationship, from their first meeting to breakup.

Dispatch revealed Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend name by straightforwardly calling her “Choi Young-ah” and mentioned her specific job as a weather forecaster announcer-turned influencer.

After disclosing that although Choi Young-ah started dating Kim Seon-ho in early March 2020, she didn’t tell him that she was a divorced woman until mid-March, Dispatch revealed Choi Young-ah’s text message, saying, “I was caught lying to Kim Seon-ho and also apologized to him with a long text.”

Dispatch also publicized the Kakaotalk conversation between Kim Seon-ho and his acquaintance. In his text, Kim Seon-ho said, “I dated her just because I liked her. My parents would be worried, but to me, there’s nothing different about her being a divorced woman”. Choi Young-ah was once caught going to someplace with a man. She apologized, and Kim Seon-ho forgave her. In fact, Dispatch believed one of the reasons why Kim Seon-ho broke up with Choi Young-ah was due to her repeated lies.

After that, Dispatch turned to the time when Choi Young-ah was pregnant. On July 24th, 2020 when Choi Young-ah confirmed her pregnancy, she called and told Kim Seon-ho. In her disclosure, she said Kim Seon-ho sent her a garbage answer. However, Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance revealed that Kim Seon-ho actually sent “This was a good thing.”

According to Dispatch, Kim Seon-ho didn’t change his attitude towards his ex after the abortion. In fact, Kim Seon-ho even took care of her by cooking seaweed soup for her for two consecutive weeks. He even revealed on “2 Days 1 Night” that he knew how to cook seaweed soup. Kim Seon-ho introduced Choi Young-ah to his parents after the abortion and tried to make Young-ah believe in his words. He even adopted a Shiba dog and named it ‘Ho-a’ for her to not feel lonely whenever she’s alone.

kim seon ho

In addition, Dispatch also revealed that it was not Kim Seon-ho but Kim Young-ah who is obsessed with “money” and “luxury items”. It is also pointed out that Choi Young-ah recorded numerous videos of Kim Seon-ho’s daily lives without his consent. Moreover, regarding the reason why Kim Seon-ho apologized, Dispatch said it was because “Kim Seon-ho tried to understand everything since she was someone he loved.”


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