Kim Seon Ho appeared after the scandal involving his ex-girlfriend

After a 5-month hiatus since the scandal, Kim Seon Ho’s photo at the airport on March 31st is being shared widely.

On March 31st, My Daily reported that Kim Seon Ho appeared at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand in a white T-shirt and gray sweatpants. This is the first time the actor has appeared since the scandal broke out. The actor wore a mask and a hat covering his face. However, according to My Daily, Kim Seon Ho still stands out from the crowd thanks to his tall and muscular body.

In particular, PD Park Hoon Jung also accompanied Kim Seon Ho. Park Hoon Jung, a famous South Korean director and screenwriter, is also the director of the movie Sad Tropical starring Kim Seon Ho. Therefore, the public speculated that Kim Seon Ho was going to Thailand to film for the movie Sad Tropical.

The new image of Kim Seon Ho after a period of silence is being shared widely on social networks as the audience is looking forward to the return of the actor. Previously, on March 29th, in the artists’ popularity ranking announced by Osen, Kim Seon Ho held second place with 18,000 votes, showing the public’s unchanging affection for the actor after the scandal.

In October 2021, Kim Seon Ho was accused by his ex-girlfriend of forcing her to have an abortion and had a bad personality. The incident caused the actor to have his image destroyed, although he was previously famous and loved thanks to the drama Hometown Cha-cha-cha. The public boycotted, and the brand rejected Kim Seon Ho.

kim seon ho
Kim Seon Ho regained the public’s affection after being vindicated by Dispatch.

However, not long after that, Dispatch and his friends brought up the evidence to prove Kim Seon Ho‘s innocence. According to Dispatch, Kim Seon Ho even always takes care of and buys many expensive items for his girlfriend.

In addition to director Park Hoon Jung‘s work Sad Tropical, which is filming, Kim Seon Ho announced that he will not accept any new projects in 2022 as he wants to rest and spend time with his family. According to Xports News, in January 2021, Kim Seon Ho donated 100 million KRW (more than 83,000 USD) to the Children with Leukemia Korea organization.

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