Kim Se Jeong surprised everyone with her impressive biceps, “Beauty of muscles?”

Gugudan’s Kim Se Jeong has made everyone surprised with her impressive muscles.

Kim Se Jeong recently appeared on YouTube channel ‘Dingo Music’ looking absolutely well-toned. She also sang her new song ‘Whale’ in this video.

In particular, while wearing a sleeveless shirt and singing passionately, her solid shoulder and arm muscles like a bodybuilder were revealed and caught the attention of netizens.

Last month, Kim Se Jeong remarked during a birthday celebration ‘V Live’ video, “My arms used to be thin, but suddenly I’m all muscular.” She also showed pride in her body, saying, “I didn’t particularly focus on my arms when working out, but aren’t they cool?”

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong will come back as an actor in the drama ‘Wonderful Rumors’ which is expected to be aired in the second half of this year on OCN. She plays the role of Dohana, the protagonist who catches evil spirits in the afterlife.

Sources: Nate

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