Kim Sae-rom opened up about her dating violence experience: “My boyfriend of 2 years picked up the knife after I broke up with him”

Kim Sae-rom, a guest of “Crazy Love.X”, confessed for the first time about her experience of dating violence.    

In the 10th episode of TVCHOSUN’s “Crazy.Love.X” aired on Jan 19th, Kim Sae-rom, a broadcaster loved for her honest and lively talk, will appear as a special guest and convey her story about a breakup crime case that has no choice but to turn into hell.

Above all, in the 10th episode, the chosen story was about a shocking case of kidnapping and illegal confinement because they could not accept the breakup notice of their lover. The man threatened, assaulted, and raped his girlfriend who rejected him, and even filmed naked videos of her. The fact that she was confined in the house where he lived with his parents without them realizing it makes the viewers speechless.

Kim Saerom dating

At this time, Kim Sae-rom, who made a miserable expression while watching the drama, said, “I also have a scary experience,” revealing the dating violence that she had experienced in person. When she broke up with her ex-boyfriend who she had been dating for two years, her ex-boyfriend, who couldn’t accept the breakup, suddenly held up a kitchen knife and said, “If you break up with me, I’ll hurt myself,” and pointed the knife at his stomach.

Kim Sae-rom showed her wit at the moment and escaped the crisis without further stimulating her ex-boyfriend, and later calmly persuaded him to break up with her without any big accident, receiving favorable responses from everyone.

Kim Saerom dating

On the other hand, Oh Eun-young gave sincere advice on dating violence, saying, “You have to refuse well,” and revealed tips for a proper companionship, expressing that it is not easier to meet people in an era where social networking services are prevalent, to which everyone nodded in agreement. The viewers are curious about the tips which Oh Eun-young emphasized that it is necessary for the right relationship, and what is the right rejection method before parting.

The production team said, “Crazy.Love.X’ pointed out hidden psychological views of shocking cases every time and delivers a strong message to the viewers,” adding, “We hope you find out the right way to deal with dating violence after watching episode 20 which will air on Jan 19th.”

Meanwhile, “Crazy.Love.X” is an entertainment program that can satisfy all five of your senses by reconstructing romance crimes and murders that take place for ridiculous reasons such as “I did it because I loved you” into dramas to find out the criminal’s psychology in depth.

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