Kim Jung Hyun will make a drama comeback with “Kokdu: Season of Deity” without support and face public’s judgment

Will Kim Jung Hyun be able to overcome his private life scandal and regain viewers’ trust with his acting in the new drama?

Actors tell stories through their characters. However, private life issue can become a bad impression that hinders acting performances. It’s hard to persuade viewers when an actor has an “unpleasant” private life. The true self of the actor is always reviewed before their characters. Controversies cannot be easily erased with self-reflection only.

The credibility of actor Kim Jung Hyun is at the bottom. It is not easy to trust and follow an actor who damaged his own career as well as the entire production team and the hard work of many staff and actors with his love affair.

In 2021, Kim Jung Hyun was one of the hottest names in the entertainment industry. It was revealed that Kim Jung Hyun caused huge damage to the whole production team of the drama “Time” in 2018 because he was gaslighted by his ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji. Actress Seo Ye Ji reportedly forced Kim Jung Hyun to ask the director and writer to revise the script as well as avoid affectionate scenes and getting close to his female co-stars.

No one can blame a man for falling in love. However, as a leading actor, he had to be responsible for his drama. As he is now considered an actor who caused discomfort to viewers with his private life issues, Kim Jung Hyun has to take responsibility for his own choice and bear the weight of his fault until the end of his acting career.

Kim Jung-hyun

Kim Jung Hyun said, “My appearance at that time is unacceptable even to me. I regret it so much that I want to turn back time.”

Many stars show their reflection externally when they cause controversy. After Kim Jung Hyun’s scandal arose, he also stayed quiet until he returned with “Kokdu: Season of Deity”.

It may take a long time for Kim Jung Hyun to regain the lost trust. Kim Jung Hyun will probably not repeat the same mistake, so if he continues to show a good image, there is a strong possibility that he will come up soon.

Coincidentally, Kim Jung Hyun will return with a work of MBC, to which he caused a lot of damage. The generous “Kokdu: Season of Deity” provided Kim Jung Hyun with a chance to make a comeback. Kim Jung Hyun will try to prove himself. The way an actor can remove the label of a negative issue is his acting ability, but the wall is very high, so it is not easy for Kim Jung Hyun to overcome it.

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” will be the first judgment seat for the controversial Kim Jung Hyun. Did Kim Jung Hyun, who was shaken without backbone, become stronger?

Source: Naver

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