Kim Jong Kook’s mother “cried” when rapper Jessi said she wanted to have a baby with Mr. Capable

The way Kim Jong Kook’s mother reacted to Jessi’s joke of getting married to his son gets viewers’ attention.

Although he is U40, Kim Jong Kook is still not in a relationship. Perhaps because of this, the topic surrounding his dating and marriage always gets the audience’s attention.

“Mr. Capable” is also enthusiastically “shipped” by fans with many gorgeous actresses such as Song Ji Hyo, Hong Jin Young, and “ex-girlfriend” Yoon Eun Hye, but eventually the male singer still stays single, making people impatient.

Not long ago, Song Ji Hyo clarified her relationship with Jong Kook, but the Spartan couple is still the most popular in Running Man.
Hong Jin Young was once chosen by Kim Jong Kook as his ideal model
The actor and Yoon Eun Hye participated in the hit show X-Man 15 years ago and created a frenzy loveline.

Perhaps thanks to his good-looking appearance and clean personal life, Kim Jong Kook has always been considered the ideal model of many female artists, including Jessi. The rapper is always welcomed by fans every time she guests on Running Man because of her humor and enthusiasm in the challenges.

In an episode of My Ugly Duckling, Jessi did not hesitate to say, “If Jong Kook and I had a baby together, wouldn’t it be pretty?”. Kim Jong Kook’s mother immediately got emotional after listening to this question.

“If Jong Kook and I had a baby together, wouldn’t it be pretty?”.
The actor’s mom bursted in to tears immediately

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