Kim Ji Won’s journey to fame: From stealing the show from Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye to successful lead roles 

With her beauty and acting skills, Kim Ji Won shines even in supporting roles. 

Making an early debut, but it took years to find a place in the industry 

With a pure and gorgeous appearance, Kim Ji Won caught the eye of Lion Media when she was only in 9th grade. She was quickly scouted by this company. During her trainee days, she learned many skills, from singing to acting and dancing. She was first introduced to the public on SBS’s music show Inkigayo, as a backup vocalist and then in Younha’s MV “Gossip Boy”. However, she couldn’t make an impression on the audience back then. 

Kim Ji Won
Kim Ji Won has been beautiful since her school days

After many years of efforts but failed to reap any significant results in the music industry, Kim Ji Won then changed direction. In 2010, she debuted as a model and mainly appeared in CF videos. Thanks to her outstanding visuals in various CFs, she was remembered by the public as the “Oran C girl”, “Lollipop girl” or “Little Kim Tae Hee”.

Kim Ji Won made her acting debut in “Mrs. Saigon”, however, the movie did not resonate. In 2011, she landed roles in the dramas “High Kick season 3”, “What’s Up?” and the movie “Romantic Heaven”. Unfortunately, these projects failed to bring Kim Ji Won any breakout roles. She made an early debut compared to same-aged actors, but it took Kim Ji Won years to find a place in the industry. 

Kim Ji Won
Kim Ji Won in 2011

The late bloomer that rose to fame after stealing the show from K-drama female leads 

Kim Ji Won landed a lead role in the early days of her debut. However, she shot to stardom thanks to supporting roles. In 2013, she received great attention from the audience by starring in “The Heirs”. Playing the rich and mean girl Yoo Rachel, she impressed viewers with both her outstanding beauty, aura and acting. Kim Ji Won is said to even steal the spotlight from the female lead Park Shin Hye. At the time, Kim Ji Won was only 21 years old, but from the time she started her trainee life until she finally rose to fame, it was not a short journey.

Kim Ji Won
Kim Ji Won and Park Shin Hye 

After The Heirs, Kim Ji Won’s career still couldn’t hit its peak when she only starred in a few more projects that were not too successful. Her career only really turned to a new page when she participated in the blockbuster “Descendants of the Sun“, playing the supporting role of the female medical soldier Yoon Myung Ju. After this work, Kim Ji Won’s name really rose to the top in the Korean film industry. She continuously took part in famous works such as “Fight For My Way”, “Arthdal ​​Chronicles” and most recently, “My Liberation Notes“. Not all of her works become a hit but Kim Ji Won has had the chance to try different roles with different colors, which helps her ability to be more recognized by the audiences.

Kim Ji Won

A quiet private life

As a beautiful, multi-talented beauty, Kim Ji Won’s private life is always a topic that the press pays a lot of attention to. However, the actress herself has a quiet private life. Her only dating rumor was in 2016, with the handsome actor Yoo Yeon Seok, who had co-starred with her in the movie Horror Stories. The two were once caught having dinner together at a restaurant but constantly denied the rumors and insisted that they were just friends.

Kim Ji Won
At the age of 30, Kim Ji Won is said to be still single and only devotes her time to acting.

Source: K14

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