Kim Hee-sun’s upcoming drama “Tomorrow” released posters for the main characters

“Tomorrow”, the Naver Webtoon by Llama which was highly praised, has been made into a drama version.

On March 2nd, MBC drama’s “Tomorrow”, one of the most anticipated series in the first half of this year, drew attention by releasing posters of 4 main characters.

First of all, Kim Hee-sun, who plays the leader of the crisis management team of the underworld company “Zumadung”, caught the eyes of netizens at once by showing off her strong charisma with a sharp look as if she would tear the poster and step out.

Tomorrow K-Drama posters

The most impressive point is Kim Hee-sun’s transformation with pink bobbed hair to look exactly like the main character in the original webtoon. It is said that the actress cut her hair for the first time in 20 years for this drama. The phrase on Kim Hee-sun’s poster, “I’m the grim reaper who saves people”, makes the viewers look forward to her performance as a person who prevents suicides.

Rowoon attracts attention with his warm eyes and smile. Especially, the phrase on his poster, “Thank you for holding on so well, and for not giving up”, makes people feel warmhearted. Rowoon will appear as Choi Joon-woong, a member of the crisis management team who is in charge of comforting people who choose to live when on the verge of death.

Tomorrow K-Drama posters

In his individual poster, Lee Soo-hyuk, who plays Park Joong-gil, wears leather gloves and gives off an overwhelming charm.  Moreover, the phrase on his poster “I don’t understand why we need a crisis management team” heralds a fierce confrontation between Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Hee-sun’s characters.

Meanwhile, the poster of Yoon Ji-on with an indifferent and determined expression was also released. Attention is focusing on how Yoon Ji-on, who plays the only principlist in the crisis management team Lim Ryung-gu, will perform in this drama.

Tomorrow K-Drama posters

“Tomorrow” has received explosive reactions and huge attention even before its official broadcast. This drama depicts the thrilling story in which grim reapers who used to lead the dead now save people who want to die.

“Tomorrow” is scheduled to premiere at 9:50 P.M on March 25th after “Tracer ends.

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