Kim Hee Chul’s ideal type that makes his friends react “You will quickly break up”

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul revealed his ideal type and the reactions of his acquaintances.

On December 23rd, Kim Hee Chul appeared on KBS Joy’s “20th Century Hit Song” and talked about his ideal type.

kim hee chul

Kim Hee Chul said he likes women who like playing games. He explained, “I want to date someone who can play games. But people around me stop me from doing so”.

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In fact, Kim Hee Chul’s acquaintances strongly disagreed right after hearing his confession about ideal type because they understand him so well. 

kim hee chul

According to acquaintances, Kim Hee Chul is very competitive.

Kim Hee Chul revealed that his friends told him, “You will quickly break up because of your desire to win any game”.

kim hee chul

On the broadcast, MC Kim Min Ah criticized the item chosen by Kim Hee Chul during the situational skit. Kim Hee Chul reacted, “I feel bad already. I can’t stop myself from touching the game”, drawing laughter. 

At that moment, the viewers also agreed that the prediction of Kim Hee Chul’s acquaintances might possibly happen. 

Source: Insight

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