Kim Go Eun’s new movie has a bad rating but it’s full of praise: It’s cute and has good animation

Singer and actor Choi Min Ho’s shocking ‘coming out’ on Yumi’s Cells left the audiences in a mental breakdown.

Choi Min Ho made his special appearance as a sales representative Chae Woo Gi in the episode of Tving original drama “Yumi’s Cells” which aired on September 18.

In this episode, Yumi (Kim Go Eun) went on a date with her junior Woo Gi (Choi Min Ho) at a restaurant. While Yumi couldn’t hide her excitement, Woo Gi carefully started the conversation.

It turned out that Woo Gi’s purpose was to arrange a blind date with a brother who is close to him, Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), leaving Yumi and every cells in the Cell Village in great shock.

Woo Gi made Yumi even more frustrated by saying, “In fact, he lives in Ilsan. When I went to Ilsan with you last time, I did intend to introduce him to you naturally.”

In response, Yumi jokingly answered, “If you feel okay, why don’t you date me?”

When being asked if he had a girlfriend, Woo Gi’s eyes seemed a little guilty; then he said, “ I don’t have a girlfriend. I already have someone I love. But that person is not a woman.”

While Yumi was embarrassed, he added, “This is a secret. I trust you because I think you will keep the secret.”

This scene drew explosive responses from the viewers. Apart from its synchronization with the original webtoon, the 2 actors did express the emotions and the characters’ subtle lines really well.

Netizens praised them, saying, “That eyes signaled his ‘coming out’?”, “I almost cried because they did a really good job”, “The synchronization is amazing”.

Just aired the first 2 episodes, Yumi’s Cell – Kim Go Eun’s new drama recorded a not-so-positive rating – only 2.1% for episode 1 and 2.3% for episode 2. This number is quite ominous, at least for Kim Go Eun – a name that owns all the movies with top ratings.

Source: Dispatch

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