Kim Go Eun – The talented “muse” with the hidden charm of Kbiz

Kim Go Eun is returning with a new drama called “Yumi’s Cell” after more than a year of absence since ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

This girl not only has a lovely hidden charm but also a lot of advantages that people may not know yet. Let me tell you a few points.

Fluent in 3 languages: Korean, Chinese, English

Kim Go Eun was born in Seoul, when she was 3 years old, her family moved to Beijing to live for about 10 years because of her father’s job. At the age of 14, Kim Go Eun returned to Korea. Thanks to a long time living in Beijing, Kim Go Eun is very good at Chinese and speaks fluently as well as locals. In addition, this beauty also came to Los Angeles to create a good environment for learning English in 3 months. Therefore, currently, Kim Go Eun is fluent in 3 languages which serving her work very well.

Having a celeb-fate when the opportunity to debut work is very coincidental

Kim Go Eun has dreamed of becoming an actress since she was a child. After returning to Korea and completing high school, she entered the acting department of Korea National University of Arts.

Muse is the first film to mark the birth of young movie talent Kim Go Eun, but this opportunity came to her unexpectedly. The story is that one day when Kim Go Eun came home from school and went to find a sunbaenim, this sunbaenim happened to be chatting with director Jung Ji Woo. At that time, the director saw Kim Go Eun and asked her to test some lines and the next day to audition.

During the audition, director Jung Ji Woo was very satisfied with Kim Eun Woo’s acting, he asked her, “Do you want to act in this movie?”. At that time, Kim Go Eun was a bit hesitant because the plot of the movie was a 70-year-old writer falling in love with a 17-year-old girl. But after discussing with the director and considering many times, Kim Go Eun decided to accept the participation and this is a completely right decision for her career. It can be said that Kim Go Eun really has a number of being a star because not everyone who has just graduated from school has such a super product.

Won a series of prestigious awards since her debut

With great acting ability, she immediately won 10 “Best New Actress” awards at awards ceremonies both at home and abroad, including long-standing prestigious awards such as the Blue Dragon, Goldring…

A resounding success right from the first movie, at that time the Korean media called Kim Go Eun a “monster rookie”. Since then, she has continuously received invitations to act in films and collaborate with many seniors and seniors in the industry.

Goblin and Ji Eun Tak have become works and roles for a lifetime

Kim Go Eun has always been active in the movie industry since her debut in 2012. She just switched to television with the drama “Cheese In The Trap” in 2016. Unfortunately, the series gets worse as time goes on. The episode no longer attracted attention and caused a lot of controversies, so the rating also decreased significantly.

Soon after, Kim Go Eun became the female lead alongside stars like Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na… in the movie Goblin. Her role as Ji Eun Tak has received enthusiastic love from the audience. Her name was once again confirmed, this time her popularity rose to a new height. So far, Goblin and Ji Eun Tak are still the roles of a lifetime in the career of this actress born in 1991.

The actress has an elegance that is full of charm.

Kim Go Eun is one of those actresses that exudes “inner charm.” Many people initially believed she was unattractive and unremarkable, but upon closer look, they would realize her distinct appeal. Kim Go Eun not only has a charming, sunny smile, but she also has a unique ethereal beauty.

Sweet voice

Not only does she have excellent acting skills, but Kim Go Eun’s singing ability is also excellent. She participated in the TV show Begin Again 3 to demonstrate her singing ability. When she started to sing, everyone was amazed. Kim Go Eun’s voice was as good as a professional singer. In addition, Kim Go Eun often enjoys going to karaoke with staff and friends.

Gaining 8 kg in order to match the character’s appearance

Participating in the movie Sunset In My Hometown, Kim Go Eun gained 8kg to play the role of Sun Mi. She not only gained weight, but she also perfectly had the Jeolla accent. It took her a long time to lose weight and get in shape after she finished this role.

She is friendly and sociable but does not create a love line with anyone

Kim Go Eun is a responsible actor with a strong sense of morality. Despite having worked with handsome and well-known male actors such as Park Hae Jin, Gong Yoo, Lee Min Ho, and Park Bo Gum, she has never constructed a love-line with anyone to boost her fame. Although fans believe she is dating Lee Min Ho after starring alongside him in The King: Eternal Monarch, it is all in the imaginations of the fans.

Almost everyone who has worked with her has described her as an adorable girl who is easy to connect to. Kim Go Eun’s appeal stems from her warmth and distinct charm, making anybody who works with her feel at ease and happy.

Kim Go Eun’s acting talent is indeed a blessing for the Korean film industry. This girl has become one of the 9x female stars with outstanding potential after 9 years of acting. There aren’t many people that excel in both movies and tv series, and this girl indeed will continue to push herself in more challenging roles in the future, whether or not it’s a hot project. As it is now, Kim Go Eun has experimented with a shape that not everyone dares to try in Yumi’s Cell. This is the definition of a true star.

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