Kim Da-mi and Choi Woo-shik’s drama “Our Beloved Summer” got negative reactions due to this small detail

The SBS’s drama “Our Beloved Summer” is being criticized by netizens for its color filter. 

On Dec 7th, a post was uploaded on the online community theqoo saying, “The devastatingly bad filter of Our Beloved Summer.” The netizen who wrote the article posted a screen capture of a scene in “Our Beloved Summer” before criticizing, “It seems that some kind of a yellow dust filter was applied to the drama.”

Kim Da-mi and Choi Woo-shik’s drama “Our Beloved Summer”

Other netizens also said, “They should have use a fresh color filter,” “I thought my TV was broken because the screen was so gloomy,” “I can’t concentrate because the screen is so dark,” “Is it trying to reflect the air quality these days?” and “The color is so bad.”

Our Beloved Summer” is a youth romance that unfolds as a couple who broke up is forcibly summoned due to the popularity of their documentary filmed in high school. Choi Woo-sik plays the character Choi Woong, a building illustrator with a free soul. Choi Woong had no proper dream and was used to hiding himself, but then had to face his feelings while being with Kook Yeon-soo, the best student in the school, who is fierce and passionate every day.

Kim Da-mi appears as Kook Yeon-soo, a realist public relations expert who prioritizes success over anything. Being the top student at school was the best goal of her life when she was in school, but she is a person who lives passionately by adapting to reality with wounds in her heart that others do not know.

Kim Da-mi and Choi Woo-shik’s drama “Our Beloved Summer”

In addition to Choi Woo-sik and Kim Da-mi, “Our Beloved Summer” also welcomed actors Kim Sung-chul, Noh Jung-eui, Park Jin-joo, and Jeon Hye-won.

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