Kim Bum is “left out” of “High Kick!” reunion after 15 years: Is grandpa Soon Jae still mad at him?

Perhaps the “conflict” between Kim Bum and grandfather Lee Soon Jae of the sitcom “High Kick!” has not been resolved yet.

Recently, MBC has released a trailer to introduce the documentary program that many viewers have been looking forward to: the reunion of the cast of the comedy sitcom “High Kick!” after 15 years. Many actors and actresses who played iconic characters in the sitcom will appear in the documentary, such as the head of the Lee family and his wife (Lee Soon Jae – Na Moon Hee), brothers Min Ho (Kim Hye Seong) and Yoon Ho (Jung Il Woo), Yoo Mi (Park Min Young),… The teaser has made many fans of “High Kick!” excited. However, famous actor Kim Bum is nowhere to be seen in the upcoming reunion. What could be the reason? 

kim bum high kick
The documentary program marks the reunion of “High Kick!” cast after 15 years
kim bum high kick
Fans are excited to see the “High Kick!” family in the same room again
kim bum high kick
But why is Kim Bum not seen in the teaser? 

Some fans immediately thought of the possibility that grandpa Soon Jae is still mad at Kim Bum. In an episode of “High Kick!” season 1, Kim Bum accidentally broke a bottle of one of grandpa’s expensive ginseng wines that he was saving. Grandpa Soon Jae then got extremely angry at Bum and did not want him to come back to his house. Whenever he saw Bum, grandpa Soon Jae kept hitting and chasing him away.

kim bum high kick
Kim Bum once enraged grandpa Soon Jae by breaking his expensive wine bottle
kim bum high kick
Whenever Bum came to his house, grandpa Soon Jae could not “leave him alone” 
kim bum high kick
Bum was even chased and beaten
kim bum high kick
Grandpa Soon Jae tried to catch Bum every time

Bum later tried to persuade Soon Jae to forgive him, but it seems like even though 15 years have passed since what happened, Min Ho’s grandfather still holds a grudge against Kim Bum. Fans are guessing that this is the reason why the “unofficial member” of the Lee family is absent from the upcoming reunion. 

Of course, this is just a funny theory drawn from the stories of the characters. Kim Bum was probably busy with his schedules so he could not join other cast members in the reunion, or maybe he will have a sudden, unannounced appearance? 

Trailer for the reunion documentary of “High Kick!” cast 

The special documentary program of “High Kick!” is scheduled to premiere on October 29.


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