Kim Bo-ra reportedly cast as the female lead in “Finland Papa”

Actress Kim Bo-ra has been selected as the female lead in “Finland Papa”.

According to Sports Seoul on Sep 30th, Kim Bo-ra will play the role of Lee Yu-ri in the new drama “Finland Papa” (written by Won Young-jin, adapted/directed by Park Soo-min).

“Finland Papa” tells the story of Lee Yu-ri, who is deeply hurt by her family, meeting people at the cafe “Finland Papa” and growing up knowing what a true family is. It is based on a novel of the same name.

Kim Bo-ra will play Lee Yu-ri, a part-timer in her 20s at the cafe “Finland Papa”. Lee Yu-ri, who is alone without a family, is a person who changes after seeing an advertisement of “Finland Papa”, getting a job and working with people there.

Kim Bo-ra debuted through KBS2’s drama “Wedding” (2005). Afterwards, she appeared in a number of works, including dramas “Famous Princesses”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Seoyoung, My Daughter”, “Avengers Social Club” and movies “Children of Heaven”, “Incomplete Life: Prequel”, “Shoot Me in the Heart”, “Time Renegades”.

In particular, she proved her overwhelming acting skills and strong presence by taking on the role of Kim Hye-na in the drama “SKY Castle”, which ended in 2019. Thanks to this, she got her first mini-series lead role in the 2020 drama “Touch” and expanded her acting spectrum with “SF8 – Joan’s Galaxy”, “KBS Drama Special – While You Are Away” and “Love Scene Number”.

Meanwhile, “Finland Papa” is a 6-episode mid-form drama that is under discussion.

Source: daum

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