Kim Ah-joong looks 180 degrees different when appearing in front of the public after a long time

Actress Kim Ah-joong drew attention with her completely different visuals.

Kim Ah-joong attended the press conference for Disney+’s drama “Grid” that was held online on the morning of Feb 16th.

Actress Kim Ah-joong

On this day, Kim Ah-joong looked stylish in a black dress. She created a chic yet sophisticated atmosphere with the hairstyle touching the shoulder line. In particular, she attracted attention with a 180-degree different visual from before.

Actress Kim Ah-joong

Starring Kim Ah-joong, Seo Kang-joon, Kim Mu-yeol, Kim Sung-kyun and Lee Si-young, the drama “Grid” is a mystery tracking thriller of the General Affairs Bureau and detectives digging into the truth about the mysterious existence that saved mankind in crisis.

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