“Kill This Love” of BLACKPINK is accused of using domestic violence to promote, what do insiders have to say?

The producer of “Kill This Love” officially replied to the controversy surrounding BLACK PINK’s new hit.

Recently, BLACK PINK and “Kill This Love” became a controversial topic among international fans which started from the additional photocards in the physical album. In the photos, BLACK PINK was covered in bruises and scratches. According to some netizens, they are trying to portray the appearances of women who are victims of physical domestic violence, and the content of the track “Kill This Love” is also about this problem. The rumors about BLACK PINK using domestic violence as the material for their new song has started up a controversy.

“Kill This Love” is said to be about domestic violence by many netizens.
BLACK PINK’s images on the photocars are said to have used this social problem as a tool to promote.

However, Bekuh Boom – a producer of the title track “Kill This Love” – has officially replied about the real meaning of the song. She emphasized that this is her explanation as the song’s producer, and not on the behalf of BLACK PINK or YG Entertainment. According to Bekuh Boom, it was a shame that people were trying interpret “Kill This Love” as something negative, and the song doesn’t hold any meaning about domestic violence. The lyrics are about love which doesn’t bring anyone any good, about someone who loves their partner so much who did nothing but hurting them, but finally they realized they should break up.

Bekul Boom’s explanation on her SNS

Also, this YG producer affirmed that the song also meant to give the power for both men and women, whoever are in a toxic relationship. However, despite Bekuh Boom’s explanation, netizens are saying that the problem is not the song, but the photocard in the album are what remind them of domestic violence.

Currently, YG Entertainment still haven’t said anything about this controversy. During that, the album “Kill This Love” has passed 100 thousand copies and became the fastest girl group to reach 100 thousand copies.

Despite all the controversy, the album “Kill This Love” of BLACK PINK still broken the record for a K-Pop girl group’s first day sales and the fastest girl group to reach 100 thousand copies on Hanteo.

Sources: Koreaboo

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