Keyword “Lisa Solo Debut'” reached 3.3 billion searches on Weibo

A poster announcing the solo debut of the group BLACKPINK Lisa aroused explosive interest from music fans around the world.

On the 23rd, YG Entertainment officially announced Lisa‘s upcoming solo debut through the COMING SOON poster. Although the album name or release date is not specified, the image of Lisa, who exudes an unusual aura and intense charisma, is enough to raise the expectations of global music fans.

In fact, Lisa’s name quickly topped Twitter’s Global Trends, followed by hashtags related to her in the US, Spain, and Germany. In addition, Lisa’s “Coming Soon Poster” posts on Instagram and Facebook platforms also immediately gained 6 million likes and 1 million “hearts,” respectively.

In particular, the expectations for BLACKPINK’s maknae in China are tremendous. The hashtag “Lisa’s solo debut” on Weibo has received over 3.3 billion views in one day, demonstrating her popularity and influential presence in China. Prior to that, she featured as a dance coach in seasons 2 and 3 of the audition show “Youth Yuni,” where she earned a lot of love from Chinese fans.

In addition, influential foreign media outlets such as Billboard in the US, Metro in the UK, and NME also focus on Lisa’s news. This is because Lisa, a trendsetter and member of BLACKPINK who has established themselves as the top girl group in the world, has great potential to expand her popularity. The foreign media predicted that Lisa, who has amazing dancing, rapping skills, and outstanding visuals, will set a new record on many global charts with a different charm from Jennie and Rosé, who were the first runners in BLACKPINK‘s solo project.

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