Kelly Clarkson’s team apologized to BTS but continued to cause outrage

Being called the “global group” but there were many times people confused BTS with another boy group.

The latest broadcast of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ attracted the attention of TV audiences in general and ARMYs in particular because the show’s crew made a fundamental mistake in the editing process. Specifically, male singer Chris Martin (Coldplay) appeared as a guest and shared about the song “My Universe” performed by the band and BTS members. However, while Chris shared, instead of showing a picture of BTS, the program editor mistakenly put a photo of the rookie group BLITZERS who just debuted on May 12.

This careless action immediately angered ARMYs, causing the famous talk show to receive all the hate from the biggest fandom in Kpop at the moment.

bts the kelly show
Kelly Clarkson’s famous talk show faces criticism for using a photo of the boy group BLITZERS when the guest mentioned BTS

After the incident broke out on SNS, the program crew had to officially apologize to BTS and fans through the official Twitter account. The original status of the program representative is as follows:

bts the kelly show
bts the kelly show
However, the picture that was replaced only has 6 members, without Suga. This action continued to irritate the fans and cause them leave angry

In fact, this is not the first time BTS gets mixed up with other Kpop idol groups. The group’s fans always feel dissatisfied because using the correct picture of a globally famous group is totally something the show’s production crew could do. Not only ARMYs, K-pop fans also agree that the editors of these TV shows have been too thoughtless and inattentive during the process.

bts the kelly show
Billboard’s Instagram used a Super M’s photo when mentioning BTS without taking down for 14 hours
bts the kelly show
A newspaper in Peru made a disastrous mistake by including V’s photo in the list of celebrities with shocking sex scandals in 2019.

Some comments from netizens on the mistake of The Kelly Clarkson Show:

  • How come they are treated like this when they are a global group, this is not even the first time.
  • BTS’s recognition is really high but they still get mixed up with other groups. This is because the show was not careful!
  • I agree that not everyone can remember the faces of all BTS members, but Google and other media platforms exist.
  • They must have done this on purpose, simply type BTS into Google, Twitter, Tiktok or Wikipedia… there are a ton of their pictures, it’s impossible to use an incorrect one!
  • BTS is a global group, how could this show get mixed up? The one who posted the picture must get their eyes checked!
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