KBS announces the top hot keywords in Korea: One BTS member caused controversy, TWICE were not mentioned but two other girlgroups were suddenly on list!

Yesterday, the spotlight news in Korea was KBS ‘News 9’ – where BTS appeared as a guest. At this interview, the 7 members took the time to share their feelings about achieving No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as future work plans. KBS also surprised koreans with the welcome of BTS as a senior national politician.

However, besides the separate information about BTS, ‘News 9’ also took time to give an overview about the situation of the Kpop music industry as well as its current influence. In which, the photo ‘News 9’ showing the popularity of Kpop keywords in the country has been interested by many people.

‘News 9’ lists only the most popular keywords based on font size and color. Accordingly, purple is the keyword that is searched the most. The next one is the blue with average popularity and finally the black keyword with lower popularity.

Here are the statistics of the most popular Kpop keywords in Korea recently based on the news of ‘News 9’:

3 purple keywords with the most popularity: BTS (super), Jimin, South Korea (the following 2 words are equal)

The purple keywords have great popularity: Concert, Youtube, global, MV, idol, rankings, culture, Seoul, (G) I-DLE, K-pop Guerilla star interview 

The blue keywords have medium popularity: Dynamite, Billboard, K-wave, international, US, Japan, artist, Corona, Kpop star, Play J, debut, BLACKPINK

Black keywords with less popularity: V, April, first, new song, comeback, Simply Kpop, Twitter, Dream Concert, Korea Cultural Center, content, GIFs, movies, TV series, China

Based on these statistics, we can recognize that in recent times, BTS has ‘covered’ the most popular Kpop keywords in Korean. ‘Gold and silver’ Big Hit’s male group is also the only Kpop male group named in this statistic. Even the name of the group is exceptionally large, overwhelming the rest of the keywords. This is also a clever way of KBS to link with BTS’s achievement on Billboard Hot 100.

Besides, BLACKPINK were also metioned with relative search. However, the most surprising thing is that Twice were not in this statistic, but (G) I-DLE were suddenly on this list. This shows us the influence of Cube’s girl group is growing in Korea. In addition, April were mentioned in the top search, what makes Kpop fans even more surprised.

As for Kpop idols, Jimin and V are the only two idols have keywords mentioned. However, the keyword Jimin still makes Knet controversial, the reason is that its popularity is extremely large, in the top 3 and even equal to the popularity of the keyword ‘Korea’. There are some opinions that the reason is because Kpop has 2 idols with the same name: Jimin (BTS) and Jimin (AOA) – While Jimin (BTS) is very popular with Knet, Jimin (AOA) recently had a big scandal. Therefore, they think that this keyword is generic, not mentioning Jimin of BTS. However, another part of Knet rejected this idea. They think that this keyword only reminds Jimin (BTS) because over time, the male idol is often a hot topic of Knet, constantly leading the brand rankings, leading the Gallup 2019 survey of idols most loved by people aged 13-29 in South Koreawith a rate of 19.1% (followed by IU and Jungkook) v … v …

Below is Knet’s comment on Theqoo after viewing the recent statistics of the most popular Kpop keywords in Korea based on the news of ‘News 9’:

– BTS is of course. I also respect V and Jimin. Also I was surprised when I saw (G) I-DLE and April!
Wow?!! Is the word ‘Jimin’ even as popular as ‘Korea’?
– BTS is so popular, Jimin is awesome too!

– This Jimin is both Jimin (BTS) and Jimin (AOA), right? I think because the two are the same, that’s why it waspushed up like that?

– Are you sure this Jimin is the only Jimin of BTS?

– Wow? Even April?

– When it comes to overall data analysis, AOA’s Jimin and BTS’s Jimin are inseparable in Kpop search terms, so it seems that is the reason why the keyword ‘Jimin’ was so big.

– Oh there (G) I-DLE and April! 

– Is this Jimin just BTS’s Jimin ?! Why are so many people deliberately denying his popularity?

– Based on the above keywords, I would like to say that it is Jimin of BTS. Look, these are all recent events, including ‘Billboard’ and ‘Dynamite’. There are also comebacks of (G) I-DLE, BLACKPINK and April. And how about Jimin (AOA)’s scandal, it hasn’t been hot anymore.

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