Katy Perry got into an unexpected situation during “Ending Fairy” moment due to her fake eyelashes 

While doing the ‘Ending Fairy’ challenge, Katy Perry made many people laugh.

Katy Perry is one of the leading pop artists of the 21st century and the owner of various hits. She recently got into a hilarious situation on stage. 

Katy Perry

Despite her gorgeous and sexy visuals, during her “Ending Fairy” moment after her performance, Katy Perry could not properly open her eyes. This happened at her concert in Las Vegas.

One of her eyes didn’t open. Katy Perry tried her best to open it, but when it opened, it kept closing. After several attempts, she was finally able to open her eyes properly.

Katy Perry

Netizens left funny comments on the situation such as, “Finally, she revealed herself. She was a robot all along”, “Upgrade failed” and “Download not complete”.

Although Katy Perry hasn’t commented on the “robot theory”, what actually happened was that she used too strong glue when she applied her fake eyelashes, making them get stuck.

Female netizens commented, “I had this experience too” and “This is what happens when I use the top and bottom lash glue.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is being referred to as the 25th most successful singer in history on the Billboard Singles Chart, with a cumulative single sales of 135 million copies since her debut to this day. She started her concert on December 29 last year and successfully finished on October 22nd.

Source: insight

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