Karina (aespa) affirms her visual with moments like a queen

Photo of Karina when wearing the crown goes viral on social networks for her royal vibe 

After the debut, Aespa’s visual became a hot topic of discussion on social networks.  Karina stands out for her charismatic aura and a confidence that is rarely seen in a rookie.  Not only has a beautiful face, but she also has the perfect body proportion that occupies the spotlight when taking a group photo.  Recently, Karina’s series of photos became a hot topic on Pann, attracting tens of thousands of viewers.  The aespa’s member wore a crown, showed off her sexy body in a tight black dress.  This is a mysterious image in Aespa’s teaser, which has been praised by fans.

In a series of unedited photos, Karina was impressed with her perfect angle, straight nose, and face like a perfect 3D painting.  Many people were shocked by the amazing beauty of the Aespa member. Especially the crown accessory made her exude a powerful spirit like a queen. The figure of the star born in 2000 also made netizens fascinated. Karina possesses outstanding height, attractive curves and the lace dress made her body even more attractive.

Netizens commented: “After Krystal, Karina will be the idol that attracts the most fan girls”, “Looks like CG, so pretty”, “She made me save the unedited photos”, “Karina is the top visual at present, the unedited photo is so beautiful “,” How can her nose be so perfect “,” So pretty, not a real person “…

Karina’s image made many people remember the teaser phôt of her taken with model Jang Yoon Ju.  Although inferior to her seniors in terms of charisma, the Aespa member still received countless compliments for her luxurious face, high-class temperament, and charming body.  She fitted well with the dark and powerful concept.

Before the debut, Karina had a series of attitude rumors, accused of defaming BTS, EXO, NCT … However, after her debut, Karina was Aespa’s fan attraction factor thanks to her classy visual,  strange beauty, and charismatic charisma.  Netizens believe that her visual is the factor that makes SM determined to protect Karina from all negative rumors. She is also chosen as the center of aespa. 

Sources: ione

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