Karina (aespa) shocked fans by showing her bare face for the first time

Netizens were extremely surprised by aespa Karina’s flawless bare face. Some even think that she is much more beautiful than when wearing heavy makeup.

On June 14th, the Behind The Scenes clip of “Black Mamba” was released on aespa’s official YouTube channel. Each member showed us how they prepared and filmed for the MV.

On that day, Karina had to prepared for underwater shooting. Before started the official filming, some pictures of her practicing scuba diving were showed.


Karina appeared in a scuba suit without any makeup. It’s the first time her bare face was showed since her debut.

Karina’s bare face is so pure and innocent. Unlike the mysterious appearance with colorful make-up that she has shown so far, we can feel a cute charm from her bare face. 


But her small face and strong features are still the same. Nothing can insult her bare face.

Karina appeared in a dress after practicing. Before the difficult underwater shooting, she explained why she challenged herself, saying, “I want to do it by myself, without stand-in as much as possible”.

Netizens were so excited about Karina’s bare face. The photos and videos captured by fans were uploaded on SNS and online communities.

Netizens continuously praise, such as “Your bare face is so cute,” “It’s shocking because you’re so pretty,” and “I think I prefer Karina’s bare face”…

Source: Dispatch

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