“Because I have breasts…” KARA’s Park Gyuri hilariously shows confidence in her body 

Leader Park Gyuri of KARA, who recently made a full-group comeback, is confident in her body. 

KARA, the second-generation top girl group that dominated the late 2000s and early 2010s, recently made a comeback on the 15th anniversary of their debut.


KARA released their 15th anniversary album ‘MOVE AGAIN’ on November 29th and performed a comeback stage at the 2022 MAMA AWARDS held at the Kyocera Dome Osaka in Japan on the same day.

KARA’s 15th anniversary album title track, “WHEN I MOVE”, became a hot topic as soon as it was released and is receiving a lot of love from the public.

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In addition to the music release, KARA is also promoting their new song by appearing on various entertainment programs.

On December 1st, KARA appeared as a full group on the popular YouTube’s talk show “MMTG”, where they sang and danced to their hit songs such as ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Jumping’, ‘Honey’, and ‘Step’, arousing the excitement of many people.

When MC Jaejae asked about the introduction of the new song and how KARA decided on the music video and outfit concept this time, Kang Ji Young said that each member had tried outfits that showcased the outstanding parts of their bodies.

Hearing this, Han Seung Yeon showed off her sharp shoulder line, saying, “Because of my shoulder line, this time I put a lot of weight on my upper body.”


Leader Park Gyuri said, “I showed off my breasts because I have breasts,” drawing laughter.

After hearing what Gyuri said, the embarrassed members hurriedly shouted “Wait a minute” and closed their eyes, but Park Gyuri showed off her extraordinary confidence by doing a choreography that bounced her chest.


After that, KARA expressed that they wanted to show their gratitude for the love of the fans in this album, and that all members directly participated in writing the lyrics for the b-side songs.

Kang Ji Young also confessed that at the audition to select a new member for KARA, she sang Girls’ Generation‘s hit song ‘Kissing You’ and passed.


Han Seung Yeon said that she was in the room right next to where Kang Ji Young was auditioning, with Park Gyuri and Nicole. Han Seung Yeon laughed when she heard Kang Ji Young singing Girls’ Generation’s song and said she was embarrassed by exchanging glances with Park Gyuri and Nicole.

Kang Ji Young then reenacted her appearance at the audition, saying she was able to become a KARA member thanks to Girls’ Generation. 

Source: Insight. 

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