Kang Sora “shotgun wedding”, the company denied and revealed the admirable profile of the actress’s fiancé

Yesterday (August 17), Korean media reported that actress Kang Sora will marry her non-celebrity boyfriend later this month. Fans were so shocked because after nearly 3 years since breaking up with Hyun Bin, Kang Sora did not publicly date anyone.

Besides the blessings sent to the actress, rumors saying her hurry wedding is a “shotgun wedding” spread. In response to the rumors, Kang Sora’s company made an official announcement.

Specifically, the company said that Kang Sora is not pregnant. The actress and her husband married on the basis of love, understanding and sympathy for each other. In addition, the company also revealed that Kang Sora’s fiancé is an oriental medicine doctor in his 30s, who currently runs his own clinic in Gyeonggi Province. Because the groom is not a celebrity, their wedding will be held in private with the participation of both families.

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