Kang Min-soo (Aquinas) from ‘High School Rapper 3’ confesses: “I’m bisexual”

Rapper Minsu Kang (AQUINAS) confessed his sexual identity.

Kang Min-soo posted on his Instagram on the morning of the 13th, “I am bisexual.”

Fans who saw this left messages of support such as “I support the courageous Minsoo”, “I always support you”, “I like Minsoo himself”, “anyway, Aquinas is Aquinas”.

Kang Minsoo (AQUINAS), who appeared on Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper 3’ broadcast in 2019, grabbed attention with his unique styling and rapping.

After that, he released ‘Oh!’, ‘When I Close My Eyes’, ‘How to Hate You’, and ‘Lovegame’, and expanded the musical spectrum by directly participating in lyrics and composition.

Recently, he released a remix version of the new song ‘It doesn’t matter’.

Source: Nate

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