Kang Ki-young portrays his character with 200% perfection by adding witty ad-libs that impressed the director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” 

Kang Ki-young is truly an “ad-libs master”.

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (directed by Yoo In-sik/ written by Moon Ji-won/ produced by AStory, KT Studio Genie) is on the rise as its recent episode surpassed 10% viewer rating. Actor Kang Ki-young, who plays the role of Jung Myung-seok – a senior lawyer with 14 years of experience, is praised for his witty ad-libs that enhance the completeness of his character and add more fun to the drama.

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From the first episode, Kang Ki-young made the viewers laugh hard with his dull expression and the ad-lib line “That’s very funny” in the scene where Jung Myung-seok reacts to the extraordinary introduction of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

In particular, this line was so impressive that director Yoo In-sik decided to use it in the teaser and the 5-minute highlight video before the official broadcast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. The fact that the line gave the viewers the very first strong impression of the character Jung Myung-seok also proved the actor’s amazing performance. In the next scene where Myung-seok tries to hide his embarrassment and heads to the office of CEO Han Sun-young (Baek Ji-won), he threw an ad-lib to Young-woo, saying “All right, it was nice to meet you”, clearly showing Myung-seok’s first impression of Young-woo with only one simple line.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

In addition, when Woo Young-woo and Choi Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung) insist on helping their client get probation in episode 6, Kang Ki-young’s ad-lib “That was passionate” drew great laughter from the small screen audience. When Young-woo comes up with new clues and calls Myung-seok right away in the 8th episode, Myung-seok asks “Isn’t everyone asleep at 3:10 a.m? The birds, the lambs, and even Myung-seok?” to calm Young-woo, who is being so excited. In this scene, Kang Ki-young’s ad-lib “and even Myung-seok?” made his line sound more natural.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo kang ki young

Kang Ki-young’s witty ad-libs feast was not just something to make the viewers laugh. In the 4th episode, Woo Young-woo suddenly announces her resignation and asks Myung-seok to take the case of her friend Dong Geu-ra-mi (Joo Hyun-young). Having a call with Young-woo after her long break, Myung-seok greets Young-woo “Hello Attorney Woo Young-woo” in a soft way then continues their conversation. When Young-woo returns to work at Hanbada, Myung-seok reminds her that she can’t use any more days off. When Young-woo honestly says “I couldn’t take days off in the first place”, Myung-seok reacts, “She always has the final say”, revealing his tsundere charm. These two lines were also Kang Ki-young’s ad-libs and not on the script but they made the viewers fall for the character Myung-seok more deeply when the broadcast was aired.

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As such, Kang Ki-young accurately analyzed the traits of his character and threw ad-libs in the right place, portraying Jung Myung-seok more abundantly. In addition, his detailed acting, including his 100% stable voice while solving the cases, sharp diction as well as pleasant and gentle expressions mixed with sharp charisma, is increasing the viewers’ immersion in the drama. Actor Kang Ki-young is showing off his charm and potential in acting, captivating more fans every day. Expectations are growing for what performances he will bring about in the remaining episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is broadcast on ENA Channel every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m and released simultaneously on seezn and Netflix. 

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