K-stars’ expression in front of their colleagues’ sexy moments: some gulped, some was afraid

Are these expression of Korean stars different from normal people?

Even these stars have different reaction in front of their sexy colleagues, from mouth-dropping to being embarrassed. Especially, the reaction of Jung Joon Young – an infamous name of the sex scandal – is controversial. Even though it was the same excited reaction but the way of expressing was different.

K-stars with excited reaction in front of their sexy colleagues

The national MC Yoo Jae Suk was in awe during the sexy performance of Lee Sung Kyung.
After realizing the performance was quite voluptuous, Dara even tried to stop the MC from continuing watching.
Park Hyung Sik (ZE:A) was excited and stunned at the same time in front of Ailee’s bold performance.
Goo Hara, Hyuna and Sunhwa smiled after seeing the top-class body of “Thai prince” Nichkhun (2PM).
The beauty of “The moon embracing the sun” – Nam Bo Ra – had her mouth dropped when Julien Kang took off his shirt to reveal his body.
The sex addict Jung Joon Young shocked everyone with the moment of him looking at Seo Yuri’s breast. His eyes are seen as scary to many people.
Han Chae Young smiled brightly in front of this man’s body. Judging by her reaction, we all believe that it must be an extremely sexy body.
Netizens are amused by “the nation’s son-in-law” Lee Seunggi’s hawkeyes looking straight at Yura (Girl’s Day)’s perfect body.
Lee Seunggi’s surprised and impressed reaction in front of Kim Jongkook’s bodybuilder body.
During his appearance in “WIN: Who Is Next?”, the BIG BANG’s ex-member – Seungri – was caught gulping while sneaking a look at his junior CL’s smooth legs.
At an event, 2 flower boys from Super Junior – Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk – seemed to be looking at the bottom of a lady with a bright expression.

K-stars who was expressionless or speechless when seeing their colleagues’ sexy body

Seulgi (Red Velvet) went speechless after seeing the hot body of the star from “High Kick” – Julien Kang.
The flower actor of “School 2017” Jang Dong Yoon seemed expressionless watching the sexy performance of SISTAR ex-member Hyorin.
Chanyeol and the EXO ex-member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) got stunned by the hot performance of Hyuna and Hyunseung. After detecting that a camera was pointing at them, the two immediately started bobbing to the music.
Yunho (TVXQ) was deep in thought while watching the performance of Red Velvet.
The handsome Choi Jin Hyuk from “The Inheritors” didn’t give any reaction to the alluring performance of AOA.

Serious young men: Turn their faces aside, didn’t dare to look

The EXO-CBX trio and Wanna One members turned away, not daring to look at Chungha’s bold performance. Many people have criticized Mnet for improper stage arrangement, making many artists feel awkward
Ten (NCT) was quite embarrassed by the hot performance of former Highlight member Hyun Seung and Stephanie. The member of NCT even turned away, did not dare to look straight at the seniors
Mijoo (Lovelyz) ‘s cover in the “Singderella” program once caused a storm in the online community. Also, Sunggyu’s reaction (INFINITE) when watching this item also was popular no less. The guy covered his face with his hand, turned away because he didn’t dare to see the audacious performance of his juniors

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