K-Pop girl groups’ album sales skyrocket in 2022… The golden age of female artists coming

K-Pop girl groups are now in the heyday era

2022 marks a rather great year for K-Pop, leaving a mark in the hearts of Korean public and worldwide audiences. In particular, this year also marks a very important milestone for girl groups and “rookie” groups as they continuously dominate the domestic music charts.

Circle Chart just revealed the evaluation of K-Pop album sales in 2022. Accordingly, record sales for girl groups skyrocketed, shocking the general public. This substantial growth in sales in just one year demonstrates the popularity of K-Pop female groups and their impact on the general audience.

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Many new K-Pop girl groups receive public attention and support

Overall, album sales rose steadily every year from 2013 to 2022, with the exception of a slight decline in 2014. This year, sales are up 30%, compared to 2021.

Of course, the top positions still belong to boy groups and are led by BTS. In 2022, BTS has sold more than 6 million album copies – a record that no other group has been able to surpass. In 5th place is BLACKPINK with 2.8 million album copies. Previously, the album sales chart was usually the playground of boy groups, and the presence of BLACKPINK and TWICE were two exceptional girl groups. However, this year’s sales chart has a clear change as a series of other girl groups also have good achievements in this field.

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List of K-Pop groups with the highest album sales in 2022 (Image: Circle Chart)

“Rookie” IVE also sold 2.6 million albums. This is an impressive number because IVE only debuted in December of last year. Red Velvet and ITZY also followed shortly behind with 2.1 million album copies. aespa also demonstrated its position when selling 1.9 million copies with only 2 mini albums in their career.

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TWICE is also on the chart at 13th right behind aespa. Last but not least, another “rookie”, LE SSERAFIM, also makes the list with album sales of 1.2 million copies.

The golden age of girl groups is expected to continue in 2023. At the moment, 4th generation K-Pop girl groups are receiving great attention. Meanwhile, the new generation boy group has not achieved outstanding achievements like previous generations.

Source: k14

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