K-pop fans argue over whether IZ * ONE should resume activities or not

K-pop fans are currently arguing over whether IZ * ONE should continue to operate or disband to be fair to the previous Produce 101 groups.

Groups coming out of survival show Produce 101 will have a certain period of time. IZ * ONE – a girl group created from Produce 48 (Produce 101 season 3) signed a contract for 2.5 years. Accordingly, they will disband in April 2021.Fans hope the group will maintain group activities, but many K-pop fans do not agree.

K-pop fans argue over whether IZ * ONE should resume activities or not

IZ*ONE is in the discussion on whether or not to disband next April.

Recently, the Korean newspaper reported that IZ * ONE is pondering on whether to maintain group activities or disband as scheduled. According to media outlets, they have received each members’ agencies’ opinions and have moved towards the idea of disbanding. However, since there are still 5 months before the end of the contract, they will sit down to listen to the girls’ opinions before making an official decision.

K-pop fans argue over whether IZ * ONE should resume activities or not

Accordingly, a representative from an entertainment company said:” The members’ thoughts are the most important. They’ve been promoted for a long time and have received a lot of love from fans. The majority feel that they have done enough as a group. The members are currently preparing for a new album. They will also be attending the end of the year ceremony, so they plan to talk about making a final decision early next year.”

Kpop fans think it’s not fair

This information quickly received attention from K-pop fans. For fans of IZ * ONE, this is an excellent sign. As can be seen, IZ * ONE is currently very successful. All of the group’s products have received great support from the audience. Furthermore, IZ * ONE has also made a lot of impressive achievements, becoming one of the most successful girl groups in K-pop nowadays. So for fans, it isn’t easy to accept that IZ * ONE will disband. Everyone hopes that the 12 girls will decide to continue going together and working for a more extended period.

However, the majority of K-pop fans, in general, do not agree with this. They said that the value and meaning of a group from Produce 101 is to be active in a certain period of time. If IZ * ONE does not disband as expected, this will be considered unfair to I.O.I, WANNA ONE. Before that, these two groups were also very successful but had to regretfully disband because the contract only lasted for a predetermined time. On the other hand, IZ * ONE is also one of the groups caught in Mnet’s vote fraud scandal that led many to think that the group should not go any further.

  • Things are going wild on Twitter. People make assumptions. Anyway, fans want IZ * ONE to extend the contracts for a few months, just like Wanna One did. After all, they’re the most successful produce groups.
  • They’ll disband. People need to stop being delusional and think that there’s a chance to stay as IZ * ONE. Their agencies have more too much to lose
  • It doesn’t benefit the individual companies for IZ * ONE  to continue. All of them have been waiting for this disbandment so they can launch their new groups.
  • The group is doing well. Please continue the contract!

Despite being considered to continue group activities, but this is not too easy for IZ * ONE. As such, fans will have to wait for an official statement.

Sources: yan

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