K-Pop dorm 2019 update: Many boygroup members have moved out, some are still living together

When it is no longer compulsory that they live together, each boygroup has all decided where to live and who to live with.

Recently, netizens have compiled a list of the recent situation at the dorm of 11 famous boygroups. This list provides the information about whether the boys are staying together or have moved out.

NU’EST (debut in 2012): Living together in the dorm, each has their own room.
BTOB (debut in 2012): No longer living together, all members have moved out.
VIXX (debut in 2012): Except for N and Ravi, the remaining members are still living in the dorm.
BTS (debut in 2013): Still living together at the dorm, J-Hope and Jimin use one room together, the others each have their own room.
WINNER (debut in 2014): Living in the same dorm, Jinwoo + Mino, Seunghoon + Seungyoon each duo uses a room together.
MONSTA X (debut in 2015): Living in the same dorm, Wonho and Kihyun each have one room, Minhyuk + I.M use a double room while Shownu + Hyungwon + Jooheon uses one big room.
iKON (debut in 2015): Together in one dorm with 2 floors where Bobby + Jinhwan + Junhoe + Donghyuk uses one floor and B.I + Chanwoo + Yunhyeong use the other floor.
SEVENTEEN (debut in 2015): Living together at the dorm, the place is divided into 2 big dorms with Vernon + Hoshi + Jeonghan + The8 + Jun + Seungkwan + Dino together and Woozi + Mingyu + Wonwoo + SCoups + Joshua + Dokyeom at the other one.
ASTRO (debut in 2016): Still living together at the dorm, Eunwoo has the room by himself, Moonbin + Jinjin use a double room while MJ, Sanha and Rocky use one big room.
NCT (debut in 2016): All members, except for Chenle, live at the dorm. Chenle lives at his private house in South Korea which was bought by his parents. The dorms are divided into 3: NCT 127’s, NCT Dream’s and the Chinese members.
GOT7 (debut in 2014): All members have moved out.

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