K-Pop artists with the highest sales in Japan: BTS, TWICE and BLACK PINK surprising results

Oricon has released the number of CD, DVD and Blu-ray total sale in Japan of artists in 2018. What’s suprising is that these K-Pop idols rankings are impressively high!

Recently, according to the Oricon Chart, the confirmed list of the highest-sale artists in Japan has been revealed. They are ranked according to the total sale of CS, DVD and Blu-ray.

Even though BTS is a foreigner group, they still settle themselves at the #6 spot which is the Korean artists with the highest sales (estimate total of 53,800 million won).

In 2018, this Big Hit boygroup released their 3rd studio album called “Face Yourself” and immediately received many attention. This album was ranked #1 on the Daily Album Chart of Oricon. Their 9th Japanese single called “Fake Love” / “Airplane pt.2” reached at least 17.869 singles sold 5 days after the release.

BTS is the K-Pop idol with the highest sales in Japan

Right after BTS is JYP’s favourite child – TWICE. Just like Big Hit, JYP doesn’t care much about media play or big promotion for TWICE in Japan but the speed of TWICE’s album being sold was one of the fastest in this country of sakura. TWICE total sales was about 38,000 million won.

TWICE is the only girlgroup in this chart.

The K-Pop wonder wall DBSK got the 3rd spot in this chart by Oricon. It can be said that DBSK is the most successful Korean artist in Japan due to their breaking many album sales records continuously through the years. The total sales of the 2 “gods” from SM is about 24,300 million won.

DBSK still prove themselves to be a wonder wall after 10 years.

Sales rankings of Korean idols in Japan in 2018:

  • 6. BTS – 53,800 million won
  • 11. TWICE – 38,000 million won
  • 16. TVXQ – 24,300 million won
  • 25. Bigbang – 15,000 million won
  • 26. SHINee – 13,900 million won
  • 36. SEVENTEEN – 12,000 million won
  • 50. EXO – 7,800 million won
  • 74. Wanna One – 5,300 million won
  • 78. G-Dragon – 4,500 million won
  • 86 – Monsta X – 4,500 million won
  • 91 – Kim Jaejoong – 4,200 million won
  • 96 – EXO – CBX – 4,000 million won
  • 99 – iKON – 3,700 million won

Besides, while complimenting the brilliant success behind BTS, TWICE’s humbleness, netizens are not hesitant to blame EXO, BLACK PINK when these two groups occupy low positions or even not in the chart, especially BLACK PINK and YG “wholeheartedly” mediaplay for their activities in Japan.

Some comments of Korean netizen:

BTS and TWICE don’t really mediaplay pr compare to other groups even though they earn the most.

– This is the difference between idols who mediaplay, but it doesn’t work with the humble groups. It is said that Wanna One is not famous abroad, but this is the proof. SEVENTEEN is also growing strongly, both BTS and TWICE, there are not many articles about them, and what about BLACK PINK? This group of mediaplay is all about popularity in Japan all day, it doesn’t even make it to the top. Really, Black Pink’s popularity only comes from Thailand.

– So EXO now earns less than SEVENTEEN in Japan!

BLACK PINK mediaplay that it is the most popular in Japan. So why doesn’t it in this ranking?

It can be seen, after a few years of operation with the “late” comeback schedule, EXO does not seem to really shine properly. At the beginning of 2018, the group released their first full Japanese album – “COUNTDOWN” and achieved quite a bit of success but still not enough for EXO to thrive. The group ranked 50th on this list.

K-net mocked EXO due to the little activity schedule.

After the debut which was very successful in Japan with the “compliments” on a series of well-known newspapers in the “cherry blossom country”, the girl group from YG promises to make it work here. However, most of BLACK PINK‘s music products are old products, so the group’s revenue cannot appear in the chart.

Sports Nippon: “BLACK PINK occupies the hearts of 9,000 fans” and called this tour “Kpop artist’s first and strongest Japanese tour surpassing TWICE
Daily Sports and Tokyo Chunichi Sports reported again focusing on “BLACK PINK‘s first Japanese tour mesmerized 9,000 fans”.
Besides, the enthusiasm at BLACK PINK‘s performance hall was broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi Saturday” news program and Nihon TV’s “Jump In !! Saturday”.
Despite being praised with all the words, the achievements were not as good as expected, therefore, BLACK PINK and YG were bashed and became the sarcastic topic by netizens.

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