K-netizens voted for the top female groups who take after their seniors

Many may not have realized this, but the titles which originally belonged to the “senior” girl groups have now been passed on to their juniors.

The titles which SNSD, 2NE1, SISTAR worked so hard to get, are now believed to have been passed on to the next generation’s girl groups. However, not just any girl group granted with these titles can receive the appropriate recognition.


The SM girl group is said to be the next “Summer Queen” after SISTAR. Having just come back to the KPOP race with their new album “Summer Magic,” RED VELVET’s fresh and upbeat image receives much support from fans.  Their lively fruit-like beauty is greatly loved by the Korean public.

Even though there are many comebacks in summer, RED VELVET’s image and visuals are thought to be very attractive and unique. There is no doubt that RED VELVET have successfully taken over SISTAR’s “Summer Queen” title.


Being the second girl group to be released by YG, BLACKPINK has been compared to their seniors 2NE1 many times. The similarities between the two girl groups are believed to be undeniable. Nonfans might even think that BLACKPINK is the next “YG’s four princesses.

Many even say they have mistaken BLACKPINK’s songs as 2NE1’s. However, it’s undeniable that with their talents and exceptional beauty, BLACKPINK deserves the title “KPOP’s girlcrush idols”, which used to belong to 2NE1.



SNSD – the national girl group is no doubt a legend that many other girl groups want to follow. Therefore, TWICE is steadily trying step by step to reach that position where they can be equal to SNSD. However, TWICE’s wish is not very supported by netizens


Though both groups have the same number of members and concepts, the majority of netizens don’t think TWICE deserves the title “The next SNSD”. The reason is that TWICE’s live singing ability is still substandard and the group’s color is not distinguishable, so it’s difficult for them to catch up with SNSD. Apparently, the route to become the next SNSD for TWICE is still very long, forcing the girls to put in even more effort in the future.


It can be said that GFRIEND is the group that has risen to fame significantly. With their catchy music and the footage of them tripping on stage, GFRIEND has somehow gotten closer to the viewers’ attention. This incident reminds many people of BTS, who also speedily reached the peak of popularity with their song “Dope”.


Since then, many fans have claimed that GFRIEND deserves the title of “BTS inheritor” as they were able to escape the disadvantages to shine brighter. On the other hand, some other fans opposed the idea because BTS is worldwide well-known at the moment, while GFRIEND is still a fainted name in the girl group battlefield.


Although never having admitted taking after what the previous generation of idols have done, the girl groups of today are still believed to have inherited their seniors titles even just a bit, based on what they have been doing throughout their career so far.

Source: Yan

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