K-netizens pick out the 96-line’s top visuals

A post on Pann recently gathered attention for listing out the top visuals, who were born in 1996.

The 96-line full of visuals 

(The original post has 166 upvotes and 120 downvotes)

Among the 96-line idols, I think there are so many visuals, so I tried collecting some of their photos.

I only chose one member for each group.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (1996.01.16)

WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel (1996.12.10)

TWICE’s Jeong Yeon (1996.11.01)

SEVENTEEN’s Won Woo (1996.07.17)

GUGUDAN’s Se Jeong (1996.08.28)

SF9’s Ro Woon (1996.08.07)

G-FRIEND’s Ye Rin (1996.08.19)

NCT’s Do Young (1996.02.01)

APINK’s Oh Ha Young (1996.07.19)

If you look at this, you’ll see how early Oh Ha Young debuted.

[+125, -32] I’m surprised Joy and Sana are not here. When I looked at this, I only thought of them.

[+119, -12] Isn’t SEVENTEEN’s Jun also a 96er? He is so handsome.

[+78, -9] When you look at that age, you might think that APINK has debuted recently, but in fact, it’s already been 8 years since their debut.

[+68, -25] Why did you put Kang Daniel here? He is not that handsome.

[+54, -20] Kang Daniel visual my *ss, have all the real visuals been frozen to death?

[+44, -29] Kang Daniel <3

Source: Pann

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