K-netizens list the stars with the fairest skin

Suzy, Sulli, Kim Yuna, etc are known for their gorgeous skin which is flawless even without makeup.

Recently, a post on Pann has received much attention from Korean netizens.  Titled “Celebrities with gorgeous skin“, the post lists out many popular names.

The star most talked about is the “golden girl” of Korea’s skating team, Kim Yuna. In addition to her talent in sports, Kim Yuna is also known for her natural beauty, especially her flawless beautiful skin. Thanks to this, she has signed many CF contracts with numerous cosmetics brands.

Known for her facial beauty, Suzy has the skin that any girl dreams of. In many close up photos, Suzy made everyone admire her skin, which is as beautiful as a baby’s.

This is a legendary moment when it comes to the perfect description of Suzy’s skin. She can challenge even super HD close-up photos.

Sulli also has poreless lively beautiful skin.

 Thanks to which, she got the nickname “Peach.”

 Park Bogum is the rare  male artist to be in the list.

In this close-up shot, we can see that he is just as pretty as his female colleagues.

 Actress Seo Hyunjin is famous for her skin as well.

A few other stars are also mentioned, such as 2NE1’s Sandara Park

SNSD’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Day’s Yura

TWICE’s Dahyun

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