K-netizens compare the two main vocalists of BLACKPINK and TWICE: Jihyo sings live better, but here’s why Rosé stands out

Korean netizens are divided over who is the better singer with better vocal technique between Jihyo and Rosé. 

In the vocal line of 3rd generation girl groups, TWICE’s Jihyo and BLACKPINK’s Rosé are often listed among the best vocalists. Recently, a topic discussing the main vocalists of BLACKPINK and TWICE has received much attention on Pann Nate. Korean netizens shared divided opinions when choosing who sounds better between these two famous female idols.

Rosé and Jihyo sang on the same stage in 2016

Jihyo and Rosé both have important roles in TWICE and BLACKPINK’s songs. Both taking on the main vocal position, Jihyo and Rosé are often in charge of high notes and the most difficult and technically challenging singing parts.

Many Korean netizens’ pick is Jihyo, because of her thick, warm and powerful vocal. The leader of TWICE impresses listeners with her charming, emotional and memorable voice.

Rosé sounds out of tune when hitting the high note on her solo stage for On The Ground

Rosé and Jihyo sang on the same stage in 2016

In addition, Jihyo‘s voice and breath control when hitting high notes live are deemed more stable than Rosé‘s. In particular, Rosé‘s vocal runs sometimes make the audience uncomfortable because they sound too… jarring.

Meanwhile, many netizens sided with Rosé. Knet loves the female idol’s vocals thanks to her unique and inspiring voice color. Many songs become better with the participation of Rosé. During the participation in Sea of ​​Hope, Rosé was often praised for her extremely emotional and sweet vocal performances. There are opinions that Jihyo has a hard time going solo, and if she releases a solo song, she won’t be able to enter the Melon chart.

Jihyo’s impressive live singing at TWICE’s on December 25

There are also comments praising both main vocals from BLACKPINK and TWICE. These opinions say that choosing who sings better is meaningless because this is a matter of the taste of each audience. Rosé and Jihyo‘s role cannot be denied in their group’s songs. The two girls are indispensable “souls” for the music of BLACKPINK and TWICE.

Which vocal do you prefer? Sweet and unique Rosé
Which vocal do you prefer? Sweet and unique Rosé
Or warm, inner Jihyo?
Or warm, inner Jihyo?

Some comments:

  • Jihyo’s voice and Rosé’s voice are both crazy.
  • Jihyo sings much better, but Rosé seems to be overly flattering.
  • Jihyo is better at high notes, but Rosé’s voice color is more inspiring.
  • Can’t compare the two because their styles are so different.
  • When singing together at SBS Gayo Daejun 2016, Jihyo was completely inferior to Rosé.
  • If Jihyo solo, will she be able to enter Melon chart?
  • Even if their voice color is different, Rosé’s skill is still better Jihyo.
  • Rosé’s voice is unique, isn’t her singing ability unmatched?
  • Rosé’s distinctive voice color is enough for her to defeat Jihyo.
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